Friday, October 28, 2011

The letter of St Paul to Philemon

Remember I told you that there are many books in the bible you may not have heard of before or even read? What about the letter to Philemon? Philemon was a wealthy man. He had a slave named Onesimus. Well,Onesimus ran away from his master Philemon. He may have even stolen from him. As you would have expected, our dear Philemon was upset with his runaway slave. But then Philemon was a Christian who also knew Paul. Onesimus also met Paul while he was on the run from his master and became converted. You would have thought that Paul would not send him back to his master, right? Well you are wrong. Paul did just that but not before writing a very passionate letter to Philemon concerning Onesimus - the short letter I want you to spend some quality time with. This letter has only 25 verses. Here Paul is pleading, "...if you regard me as a partner, welcome him as you would me." Please read this short letter and pray for the courage and strength to do what Paul is asking Philemon to do, forgive those who hurt you. Good luck!

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